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64 responses to “About

  1. Beautiful, thank you, we love you

  2. Father Ev, you are very loved. You welcomed me when you first came to our church and helped me through a very trying time in my left. My children feel so loved by you and enjoy your spirit. You will be in our prayers as you continue your journey.
    Much love!

  3. Father Ev you truly are amazing and thank you for helping me to recognize the true meaning of life: to serve God and your family. I now know that I was created to be unique and use my skills to serve God, others, and my family. You are beloved by many and I know you have truly lived the meaning of life. Thank you! 🙂

  4. Ev. You are not just a fantastic priest, you are a fantastic human being. You were there for me when my dad passed away from cancer and even found a way to come to his funeral which meant more to me than I can put into words. Thank you for being a part of my life, I’m a better person for knowing you. I will remember you forever and keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Love, Mike.

  5. Ev, This is great and I know all the comments are going to be glowing.

  6. Carol Sugiharto

    Fr. Ev, I have been witnessing your spiritual affection through my fiance’s life – Andrew Lourits. I see him growing in faith as you have touched his life decades ago. And first time I met you, I had no doubts that you were a special person with extraordinary gift of touching people’s life.
    Thank you for all you have done for Andrew, thank you for all our stories that made us laugh, thank you for delicious bruchetta you made for us, thank you for everything. You will always be in our prayer.
    Best, Carol

  7. Fr. Ev,
    Do you remember bemoaning the fact that Columbus students thought
    the Psalms was in the New Testament? My answer was, “Why wouldn’t
    they? the New Testament edition being used in the schools was the
    New Testament with Psalms!” Do you still drink Pepsi with salted peanuts
    in it?. Just remembering the good times we had when you were an Associate and teaching at Columbus. Remembering the Halloween parties at the White House. What a time that was!

  8. Jean whom?

    Havnet had a Pepsi wiwth salted peanuts for years.

  9. Courtney Durbala

    Fr. Ev, You are in my thoughts and prayers; same witht he rest of my family. You are an amazing priest and really fun to alter serve for.

  10. Mary Alewine

    Fr. Ev, You truly are one of God’s greatest gifts and we are ALL better people for having known you in this life.
    When I was diagnosed with breast cancer back in September, it was you I wanted to administer the Anointing of the Sick to me. Not because you are my pastor, although that would be reason enough, but rather because you are such a shining example of Christ, and just as Christ endured his suffering, I know that you will too, and with more grace than any of us can imagine.
    My family and I have not stopped praying for you and we will continue to bombard Heaven with prayers to heal you so that through this healing, your life will continue to glorify God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
    Peace be with you dear man! As Simon helped Jesus carry His cross, we will all be there to help you carry yours!!!!!
    Much love,
    Mary Alewine and Family

  11. Joan Miller

    Dear Fr. Ev,
    When I sent you a note recently commenting on the beauty and spirituality of the Holy Week liturgies and that the presence of the Holy Spirit was truly felt, little did I know. It is humbling to know such an individual as you who has so willingly allowed yourself to be Christ to all of us. Thank you. My prayers are with you and your family~

  12. Joni Krejchi

    Fr. Ev, My 5th and 6th students have been praying for you. You are truly someone who sets a great example for children to follow, and we love you for that!

  13. Dan & Sue Wageman

    Father Ev,
    This is difficult to believe. God bless you for all the good you do. You are in our prayers.
    Dan & Sue

  14. Bob and Sheri

    This site was passed on to us by someone who knew we would care and want to know. Our hearts are sad and our prayers are united with yours and everyone who loves you. Our God is bigger than all the hurt and sadness in the world and so we trust in Him. Take care.
    Bob and Sheri

  15. Marlene Weigel

    Fr. Ev, it is so, hard to believe the news about you, we were at church when farther,announce it to us, our thoughts and prayer’s are with you and your family. we thought alot of you when u were at Saint peter and paul, Paul and I will, have u in our prayers every day! just take care of your self. keep us updated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Paul and Marlene Weigel

  16. Bobby LeBlanc

    Used as part of our staff prayer last week:

    Cancer is limited…
    It can not cripple love,
    It can not shatter hope,
    It can not corrode faith,
    It can not eat away peace,
    It can not destroy confidence,
    It can not shut out memories
    It can not silence courage,
    It can not invade the soul,
    It can not reduce eternal life,
    It can not quench the spirit,
    Cancer can not lessen the power of the Resurrection.

  17. Jeremy Zimmer

    Father Ev, I could fill up this entire site with all of the wonderful things I have seen you do and personally experienced myself. Everyone who knows you has I’m sure felt this same experience in one way or another. Thank you for being such a guiding person throughout my times at Iowa State and beyond. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you proudly and courageously follow in the footsteps of Christ. May God’s peace and blessings be with you.
    -Proudly your friend, Jeremy Zimmer

  18. Eric Schwister

    Dear Ev, as I read these tributes and memories that others have of you, all I can think of is being an awkward, socially inept college freshman who digs through other people’s glove compartments and finds unusual things in their first aid kits! That was the first of many, many wonderful times I had the privilege of spending with you. I wish you could know and I could express my gratitude for your guiding and loving presence in my life. I am grateful for your words in this blog as you help us, yet again, try to better understand life’s mysteries – and, really, the ultimate mystery. Please know that my prayers are with you.

  19. Crystal Caruana Sullivan

    Ev – Watching the video and reading your blog has brought back many memories. What a blessing it was to have taken the risk to accept my first ministry position at STA and to have you as my first “boss”. Thanks for teaching me well how to serve, for endurance and support as I found my identity as a minister, for rejoicing at my marriage, for celebrating the baptisms of our children, for letting me preach, and for sending me forth to new things with confidence. It has been a grace to serve with you, to learn from you, to see the ways in which you have touched so many – and continue to do so as you face your life now. May God continue to bless you with knowledge of of his overflowing grace. May you be comforted by His Spirit.

  20. 6th grade student

    Father Ev. you have helped me through hard times and I look up to you always.
    I like the fact that you add humor too fun things in life and I will never forget you. Every time I see you I think of how lucky we are to have you and with God on our side, we can accomplish what ever we find best. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  21. father ev, when you did mass it really helped me understand what church is about, and what life is about. You need to live life to the fullest, i believe that you did. I think that when you walk into mass you put a smile on everyone’s face, and your homilies are understandable for someone of my age. We will miss you, stay strong.

  22. “Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”

  23. “Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.” Thank you Father Ev. for everything. I am praying for you.

  24. “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”
    -Theodore Roosevelt

  25. Janelle Condon

    Fr. Ev, I will always be thankful for the moments we have shared at St. Thomas. You have held a very special place in my heart. I remember the incredibly embarrassing homily you gave at STA which included the story of me driving in the wrong direction for almost 2 hours. I remember it like it was yesterday. And while it was an embarrassing (and quite funny) story it was also a wonderful Advent message you gave that Sunday that I have tried to remember and live throughout my life. Thank you.

  26. Lynn Anthony

    Father Ev – My family and I wish you well in your journey. You baptized my daughter Zoey 5 years ago at St Thomas Aquinas. You will probably remember the three Muskateers (Zoey and brother and sister duo, Kacey and Brody). 🙂 We have missed you since you left to go to St Patricks and the news of your illness has made us sad, yet hopeful that the coming weeks will be filled with great memories, humor, and the knowledge that yours has been a life well lived. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  27. Lisa Mullen

    Dear Father Ev,
    Thank you so much for how fully and joyfully you have participated in the lives of so many students (and most likely all those you’ve served over the years in many places), but especially for being friend, pastor, mentor, teacher, and example of how to live life faithfully to the two of our children (Rachel and Elise) who had incredible experiences while at Iowa State and STA, thanks in no small part to you! We are so grateful they had the opportunity to serve as peer ministers–they formed life-long friendships, felt so immersed in the life of STA, and had such fun! They shared often with us accounts of the picnics, ball games, trivia nights, dances, costume parties, TNL’s, service projects–activities too numerous to list. And the constant in all of them was your presence, your joy-filled presence! You remarkably seemed to always have time to BE WITH them, with all the students and parishioners. You are so loved, I know, by our children, and by extension, by us because of who you have been to them, and I am sure, by uncountable others. I pray you will be able to know and feel all that love and thankfulness now and in the time ahead! —Lisa Mullen

  28. Nancy Brown

    I remember the special joy of playing guitar at your ordination like it was yesterday. May you remain in the palm of His hand every step of your journey, with the same joy and peace and Majesty you felt on your ordination day.

  29. Father Ev, thank you so much for adding beauty to life. You live your life to the fullest you can and I admire you. I love how you always are happy and smiling, how you always add humor to everything you say, and how you always were yourself. You inspired me a lot during your teachings and you’re the most wonderful man I’ve ever met! – Shaffer

    “A person only stops living life when they stop dreaming.”

  30. Theresa Harvey

    Dear Ev,
    Not being in the pipeline these days I only recently heard about your illness. I was in the middle of planting my garden, and thought “here is another powerful sign of the paschal mystery.” I am remembering all the experiences we had ministering together in the Worship Office, and beyond, i.e. sailing in the Bahamas; a small plane flying over colorful fall leaves in Pennsylvania, and flying to Des Moines for the Opera. You are a faithful servant of the Church. I always felt you were a great mentor/teacher. I join the many in praying that God’s grace and peace will cover you in the days to come.
    Theresa Harvey

  31. Jeanie Kramer Kollasch

    Dear classmate of ’63. I recall lots of energy and fun being around you. It is evident that you continued that love of life and shared this with all folks around you. I recall our graduation where we were charged to not bury our candle under a buschel basket but let our light shine for all to see. Your light clearly has lite the path for many. P.S. there has been no sky diving for me. You are in my prayers. Jean

  32. Mary Alewine

    The beauty of your words are but a mere reflection of the blinding beauty of your soul! Without even knowing it, you have brought me closer to my God by the life you live and by demonstrating what it means to be like Christ! Thank you good, kind servant of God. I continue to pray for you!

  33. Fthr. Ev
    I WANT TO SAY.. MY THOUGHTS & PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU! You are such a blessing to those around you; at St. Pat’s; with your MOST sincerest way of being yourself! You smile and way of living life is so neat to see. Growing up myself in a family of six siblings; we had our LOVE FOR EACH OTHER SO MUCH~ because of ALL OF OUR CHERISHED MEMORIES! FTHR. EV; YOU ARE BLESSED WITH LOVE OF YOUR FAMILY; FRIENDS; and many of those like myself who COME TO MASS AT ST. PATS; who you talk to as if we are ALL extended family! Those around you; know your SPIRIT IN LIFE; and SPIRIT OF LIFE! As we all know; we never take life for granite; you treasure every day as well!! My time out at AMRH getting to know the ‘Hemann brothers’ such a great gift. One of you; either you or Fthr. Mel said to me as I was cleaning~ getting ready to vaccuum…when you seen this ‘BIG SMILE’ on my face; said to me ‘That’s a pretty big smile; you better be careful; somebody might think you are doing something you shouldn’t be doing. I just smiled back and said ‘ It’s great to be able to smile.”
    “Growing up I was a SHY LITTLE GIRL ~ WHO would HAVE GUESSED THAT NOW… SO YES NOW I CAN SAY I SMILE and LAUGH (and maybe talk a little too) … SO MY FIRST FISH FRY I ATTENDED at St. PAT’S: I was blessed to have Fthr. Mel come sit be me…….. he said “So do you think any one else will come join us.” You came to sit down as well Fr. Ev; along with a FEW OTHERS; Roger Mudd was one of them.
    I can say what a TREASURED TIME THAT WAS!!
    I keep you in my thoughts and prayers; know you have touched my life… as well!!
    WHEN I SPOKE TO YOU / Fthr. Mel; OF MY SON with all of his EPILEPTIC SEIZURES; how close I came to loosing Josh’s life in his NEARLY FATAL car wreck at just 21 yrs of age; I FELT in my heart that God has ALWAYS watched OVER MY SON; and I WISH ALL HE HAD BEEN THROUGH THAT IT HAD BEEN ME INSTEAD! YOU and Fthr. Mel let me know that I SHOULDN’T FEEL that it WAS BECAUSE OF ANYTHING I DID!!
    As I know GOD WILL CONTINUE to watch over YOU!
    P.S. I am the process of writing a book; one of my dreams in life!
    I decided to do something in life I wanted to do for a long time.
    May GOD continue to WATCH OVER YOU! … Remember the words to MY WISH says… KNOW SOMEBODY LOVES YOU… and wants the same thing too!
    Kim B.

  34. MY WISH…song by Rascal Flatts

    My prayer we heard just before BED every night growing up…

  35. Cynthia Hoffman (Tallman)

    Fr. Ev,

    Thank you for taking the time to share. I have to share a memorable moment of my college years from a homily of yours. From my memory, it went “I’ve up-ed mine, up yours”. So, the context was in terms of tithing. But now, I find it appropriate in terms of your fight for life. We are praying for you and celebrating life with you, what a gift!

    Sending smiles to you 🙂

  36. Arlene P. O'Kane

    Fr. Ev,
    Although you have been at St. Pat’s for almost 2 years, I feel your presence and your spirit for all of us seems much more than that. I was on the CDA State Convention and heard the news of your diagnosis. I was saddened to hear. I finally have been able to view your blog and with mixed emotions, it has been uplifting!
    The best way I can say how I feel is by giving you this song to listen to:

    Lee Ann Womack – I Hope You Dance
    I know you have danced your whole life, your 40 years as a priest, and are dancing even now amidst this challenging time on your journey to our God!

  37. Fr. Ev, Thank you for being a role model to myself, husband and our three children. I have especially seen Jacob grow spiritually as your alter server. He especially enjoys your sense of humor. Jennifer, our second child, enjoys going to mass and especially her school masses. Joseph, are third child, had the privelage to have you as the pastor for his first communion. Jim and I also have grown in our faith watching you serve the Lord. You have made all of us better people. Thank You, Jim and Greda Haag

  38. Mary Alewine

    Fr. Ev,

    You are always on my mind and in my heart as you continue down the path you have been asked to walk, and as such, I would like to share a song with you.

    I found this song to be very uplifting for me during my cancer treatments because each time I listened to it, it was as if God Himself, was whispering in my ear and breathing much needed strength into my soul! It became my theme song for the journey! I hope it will be yours too.

    Much love and God bless!

    Mary A.

  39. Allen Koeppel

    Fr. Ev,
    You touched my life 41 years ago when I was a freshman at Columbus with your infectious smile and great laugh. You taught me always keep our faith and that the good lord will never give us more than we can handle. In your short time here at St. Pats your smile and grace shows everyone how much you love not only being a priest but also our pastor. We are blessed that you are here, you are always in our prayers.
    Pepsi and salted peanuts?! I have not had one of those for a long time! I will have to have one! Cheers!

  40. Dear Fr. Ev,
    Can I be added as a voice from your past….Columbus High…Class of 1974? I learned of your illness from Jane Faley Smith. I am so very sorry…I lost a sister to cancer at the age of 48 and have been a hospice worker for 21 years. I know the heartache. I also know there is beauty and joy in the midst of sadness, and so will be praying for a lot more of the former! I have a son being ordained this weekend…As his priestly life is beginning, my prayer will be that he can follow in the monstrous footsteps you have left in the Archdiocese of Dubuque. May God bless you always…
    Nancy Oberbroeckling Diehm

  41. Emily and Garrett

    We love you, plain and simple.

    You are present in our daily thoughts and prayers.
    You have been a supporter, an inspiration and an intergral part in shaping the couple and family that we have become.

  42. Fr. Ev
    Little did I know of your cancer until bumping into your website one night, trying to look you up to see what became of you. I most sincerely want to thank you for the laughs, your good humor, and your cherubic smile that have been indelibly marked in my happy memories of Loras. I wish you grace and a profound sense of peace while embarking on this next journey in your life. Realize just how many people whose lives you’ve touched in so many ways, be they large or small. I can still see your elfin features and twinkling eyes as you’d laugh over some silly joke you told; and I can tell you, it was infectious. These memories I’ll carry with me until I face my great unknown.
    For now, my thoughts are with you and your family. I’m sure you’ll have the angels laughing with joy at your next stop.
    yours truly

    Mark Galligan

  43. There are people that I come across in my life that I feel lucky to have met. You are one of those people. Simple but true….

  44. Randy Wakitsch

    Ev, when you asked me to use your car to pick you up at the airport all those years ago, you didn’t warn me that it was stick shift. What a difficult ride that night on the hills of Dubuque! I had had no prior experience with manual transmission! Anyways, thanks for trusting us enough to engage with us in ministry through the years, over many hills, in a few valleys, on some very rough stretches. Your warmth, sincerity, and spontaneity made for great hope!

  45. Nancy Weiland Erickson

    Dear Ev, going through old photos of Lake Kabekona with my folks the other night…so many funny ones of you and our big family. Wonderful times and so much laughter and silliness…the stuff life is made of!!! Jerry and Betty send hugs and prayers and so do I. With love, admiration and respect…Nancy Weiland Erickson. (the youngest)! 🙂

  46. John and Mary Kay Beecher

    Father we attend St. Pat’s occasionally and miss you at Sunday mass. We enjoy visiting with your parish family members. Our prayers are for you.

  47. Rodent bluely

    Praying w/ and for your continued peace.
    Love, rodney

  48. Liz Weiland Efting

    Father Ev!!!!! God bless you! You were a ‘member’ of our Weiland family years ago. I learned of your diagnosis not too long ago from Fr. David Beckmann who is the pastor now at St. Matthew in CR where I am a lifelong member. He talked of you being so open and accepting and brave and a true example to others as your illness progresses. I humbly ask God to guide you and keep you ‘comfortable.’ I humbly thank you for being a wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL support to my folks and all eight of us all those years ago. The closest I’ve ever been to Heaven was leaving Wisconsin in an ICE LADEN plane with Gary and you. Holy Mary, mother of God, and I do say that in a sincere prayer (then and now). I am sending you love and hugs and strength and gratitude. xoxox Liz Weiland Efting

  49. Theresa Harvey

    Ev, You always were a great preacher. Thank you for sharing your reflections in this your greatest journey. What a wonderful image — all your friends walking you “home” to be greeted by all who have gone ahead. Mel and I will continue to pray for your comfort in the days ahead. Peace, Theresa Harvey

  50. Hi Father Ev,
    I was your mailman at STA in Ames. I left the Postal Service and now teach in Carroll, IA, at DMACC. I have been following your journey, and I wish you Godspeed. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Dennis Thompson

  51. Father Ev,
    Tonight I was going through a pile of stuff when I came across your article that was published way back in November. I was very moved by your writing and wanted to check in on you and see how you were faring. I was deeply saddened to hear that your chemo has stopped working. As a fellow metastatic cancer patient, I understand how maddening that is to hear. I will continue to pray for you – that your road here on this earth is peaceful.

    I also wanted to share with you my first memory of you. It was August 1, 1998 and I was marrying Patrick. Father Jon Seda was moving on to a new parish at the time, and he had agreed to stay back and do our wedding. I was all dressed and waiting around for pictures and you were in the church. You came by and congratulated me and at the time. I had no idea how much guidance you would give to me over the next 10 years as head pastor. Thank you for helping me grow in my faith, in my personal relationship with God, and learning how to be a good steward of the church. I still have miles to go, but you were right there with me when I really started on my spiritual journey.

    If you wish to keep tabs on my cancer battles, I have a caringbridge site under Jessica Clem. I am always ready to swap cancer battles with someone who truly understands the metastatic diagnosis.

    Jessica Clem

  52. My parents passed along your updates and I want you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers. You are a beacon of strength.

    Emily Dobbs Ryan

  53. Michael Costello

    Father Ev, Just watched your video from the Des Moines Register, what a moving message. You will be in my prayers as well as my wifes. You are an inspiration to many and have changed the way I view death. All our best and God Bless.

    Michael and Julia Costello

  54. John O'Connor

    God bless you, Rev. Ev. My brother, the Rev. Dan O’Connor, had the Register article sent to him from a friend as an interesting messgae, he said, but even though he only met you once, he recognized the name right away, and sent it to me. God loves you for all the love and peace you have brought to my world and the world of so many others. Be safe on your journey.

    John O’Connor, Loras ’85.

  55. Tina Colburn

    Father Ev,

    The article in the Des Moines Register was beautiful. In your fine fashion, you have helped make a difficult experience so positive. I feel so fortunate that you touched my life. Ryan and I appreciate all the support you have given us and we definitely miss your smile and joyous laugh at the restaurant. You have this amazing ablility to engage everyone you are speaking to and make them feel so welcome. Thank you for being you and allowing us to be a small part of your life! You are in our thoughts and prayers as you continue your journey.

    Much love and prayers,
    Tina Colburn

  56. Jaymi LeBrun

    Father Ev,

    I just want to say thank you for being you. You are a blessing to us all. I was a graduate student at ISU and you welcomed me into the community. This Easter I was thinking of you and the Easter Vigils I shared with you at St. Thomas Aquinas (2006-08). You made it special for everyone. Thank you so much!
    God Bless you.
    Love and payers,
    Jaymi LeBrun

  57. I was a lucky student in your Sacraments class many years ago at Loras. You were a great teacher and I learned so much about my faith. You were also such a warm and caring presence at Loras so I’m not surprised to see that you have meant so much to so many over the years. You are an inspiration and I’m glad that have been a part of my life.
    Thank you,
    Mike Hyland, Loras ’85

  58. Jennifer Klein

    Fr. Ev, we saw the article in the Des Moines Register. It was very well done, and a great lesson. Thank you for always teaching, inspiring, and loving all of us. You are in our prayers.
    Jennifer & Ray Klein

  59. Foley Michael and Amy

    Father Ev, I just learned this past weekend of your battle with cancer. I must be the last person to know. While it saddens me to hear that a dear friend is so near to death, it strengthens my faith to see that you are facing this life event with your usual good cheer and passion for life! Amy and I will be celebrating our 15th Wedding Anniversary on April 26th. We were truly blessed that day to have you give the wedding sermon. Emily, Michael and Matthew still refer to you as the “priest that married you.” Such a simplistic way of putting a very momentous event in our lives, but without your guidance that day we would not have had three wonderful children! Thank you! I have always felt blessed to have had you in my life and will always cherish the smile, humor and good will you shared with me.

    With love and prayer,
    Mike (Amy, Emily, Michael, and Matthew)

    P.S. I am sending you a picture of our family to your St. Patrick email account plus one of when you were here to visit during EAA.

  60. Zach Driscoll

    Fr Ev – In 1978 you gave me a single engine plane ride to Iowa Falls and back to Waterloo airport. You even flipped the control to me until I offered it back in a hurry. I remember it well. You are a good man, world class listener, shining example amongst humanity. I hope I qualify to meet you on the other side. Peace and Love. Thank you again for being a great mentor in high school.

  61. Father Ev: I worked at Mary Greeley in Ames for many years before we had a chaplain. There were many times when we had a crisis and we had a family or patient that needed spiritual guidance. You were always there for us and for them, although they were not members of your church. I particularly remember a family who was dealing with the suicide of a teen boy-they were inconsolable, but you knew just what to say. Watching that family come to some level of peace that night was something I have never forgotten and will never forget. Your words truly were magic that night. I wish you continued peace and comfort in this journey.

  62. Margaret Kolash

    Margaret Kolash
    Fr. Ev: You are missed at the M’town Deanery Council meetings. You had a unique way of expressing thoughts as “our humble Dean.” May God be with you as you continue your journey. That cross must be heavy but with so many of us praying for you we hope the burden is becoming lighter. You are “special.” You have touched so many and helped us as we struggled through so many problems.

  63. Scott Schneider

    Fr. Ev,
    Last time I saw you was at St. Thomas Aquainas for a wedding of a friend – 16 years ago. I wondered if you would even remember me, having not seen me since I was in grade school. We were running a bit late for the wedding and entered the church just as the procession was about to begin. From that memorable smiling face of yours, the first words I heard were, “Leave it to Scott Schneider to be the last one to arrive!”

    My memories of you always bring a smile to my face. I pray that these days are peaceful for you. God has blessed us with your presence – it’s not a wonder he wants you for himself now.

    Peace, my friend.
    -Scott, Donna, Jessica, and Aaron

  64. Thank you for all you’ve done Father Ev. Thanks for being there — being a light — being a friend — and praying for us. God Bless and Rest in Peace. Enjoy your flights with the angels!

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