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Easter: One Year Later

April 8, 2011 (a year ago) I went to Emergency Room thinking I had a kidney stone.   I did have a kidney stone, but also discovered my abdomen was filled with tissue and various tumors which knew of no “cure”.     This year, ironically Easter lands on April 8 !!!!   This year it will be a day filled with “the great cure”.  

A year ago, statistics pegged me at 3-6 months.   Now 52 weeks later, I am still here, plugging along.  It has been an interesting journey.   But the journey is coming to a close; sooner than later.

I have moved to Windhaven Center, an assisted living facility near the south edge of Cedar Falls.  It’s a great facility and I am pleased with the staff.   My sister Camilla has moved here to assist me in this final leg.  That has been a great blessing.   She is a Dubuque Franciscan, an RN who worked in hospice ministry the past 15 years in Mississippi.   Could God do any better for me in my final days?

I will pray daily for you in this Holy Week.   I miss the liturgies very much.     I miss YOU very much.  But I have such fond memories.    I will try to continue updating my blog.  But who knows how long I will be able to do that.

For the most part, pain has been kept in balance.  But the medication makes me very tired and I do sleep a lot.  But it is a peaceful and deep sleep.  Eating is very difficult for me and I have lost a fair amount of weight.    I am not complaining though.   Things could be far worse. 

Sunday, April 8 is Easter.   The Des Moines Register will be publishing a story about death and resurrection.  My understanding is that I am featured in it as an example of someone in the midst of this life-death-resurrection story.   It should be interesting to read about such a personal aspect of one’s life, written by another individual. 

Happy Easter 2012

Ev Hemann