health update

After  the CAT scan on Thursday, we know that the chemo I have been receiving for 8 months is no longer effective.  The tumors in both the pancreas and liver have increased in size.  There are new lesions in the lungs.
We expected this.  The chemo was not a cure but did extend my quality of life time greatly.  That is the miracle YOU prayed for and it happened.  Your prayers, cards, gifts, food, support in so many ways enabled me to respond so positively to treatment.  More than I could have ever have hoped for.  Truly you were a servant to me in my illness.  I am thankful.
Now I have turned on to a different road.  I presume the downward slope is steeper  and it will be shorter.  But I hope that the ratio of good/bad days (because of chemo) will be better. 
I thank you for traveling with me thus far.  I head down this part of the journey confident of your continued love and prayer filled support.  You are wonderful for you have been and continue to be an incredible witness of a God who is good to us and present with us. 
With love,
Rev. Ev Hemann

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