“Its Been a Great Flight”

Ordained in 1971,  this summer  marked 40 years of ordained ministry for me.  A dear friend, Les Omotani has produced a book commemorating those forty years of ministry.    The link below  allows you to preview the book, and order a personal copy (copies) of: It’s Been A Great Flight  

You can order the book online with either a hardcover or a softcover.  There are a few hardcover books still available at my office. 


Tuesday night, I will present an adult education class, sharing something of “dying with the grace of God.”   You can assist me, if you would share a question or comment on WHAT you would like me to address.   Send it to: RevEv@SaintPatrickcf.org

Regarding communications, I do NOT read/post on Facebook.  I understand some have commented/tagged pictures, etc.  I thank you.   I welcome communication from you, but suggest you use the email address above.


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